W poszukiwaniu kapitału. Z Jeanem Baudrillardem w podróży po Ameryce

Tomasz Masłyk

In Search of the Capital:A Travel across America with Jean Baudrillard

In his book America, Jean Baudrillard presents his picture of American society and reveals the characteristic changes taking place in the sphere of culture, customs and way of life in a general sense. Although the narrative is maintained in the post-modern, metaphorical style, the careful reader is able to interpret the meaning and reconstruct the process of social and cultural transformations affecting the United States as discussed by the French thinker. One of the issues described by Baudrillard in an indirect way, is the question of social capital: trust, solidarity, citizenship – factors that played a key role in establishing the position of America in the modern world. Basing on the observations of the author, the article examines both historical and social sources responsible for generating social capital and the reasons which have influenced its present crisis.

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