„Świat w kawałkach”. Globalne migracje i doświadczenia transnarodowe

Marek Pawlak

“The World in Pieces”. Global Migrations and Transnational Experiences

The article is a reflection on the problem of contemporary global migrations and the influence of transnational experiences on the perception of such categories as national identity, nation and state. “The World in Pieces” is a metaphor used by Clifford Geertz to describe and analyze the transformations of identities in the contemporary social and cultural reality. By referring to the concepts of scholars such as Bauman, Hannerz, Beck and Billig, I attempt to contextualize the significance of transnational experience for a contemporary individual. The question raised in the article concerns the consequences of different national strategies and practices: are we dealing with a new form of society that is based on the concept of “banal cosmopolitanism” or rather transnational connections are to be thought of as a vehicle for reproduction of national contents as an example of “banal nationalism”?

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