Mołdawia — kraj trzech stolic

Aleksandra Janus

Moldavia: The Country of Three Capitals

The aim of my paper is to present the emergence of national identity in Moldavia with special consideration of the impact the other countries have had on this process and how it may have been influenced by the internal division of the country. I advance a thesis that despite many attempts at an exterior intervention in Moldavia’s home affairs, it is its citizens who will be entitled to decide who they want to be. I discuss different models of Moldavian identity referring to scientific studies but also presenting them with the use of the examples taken from the social and political life of the country and from its history. It is in this context that I take up the question of Upper Dniestr region and Gaugasia as the territories which formally belong to Moldavia, yet they maintain certain autonomy. The article is based on selected bibliographical works and also dwells on the author’s own observations at the time of her three-months stay in Moldavia.

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