Kultura lokalna — kultura globalna. Przeobrażenia twórczości muzycznej w dobie globalizacji kultury

Jakub Gałuszka

Local Culture — Global Culture. The Transformations of Musical Creativity in the Time of Globalization

The aim of this paper is to present the transformations of local cultures as a result of globalization. Focusing music and the changes it undergoes, the author seeks to answer the question if globalization causes the unification of the products of cultures or is it rather that it enhances the cultural exchange and brings about the enrichment and exposure of local cultures. This issue is discussed on the example of the works of Polish and foreign musicians whose products can belong both to the domain of popular music and to the alternative current created outside the mainstream of music industry. The discussed transformations of music are analyzed in terms of its symbolic and social functions in the past and at present.

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