Chopin 2010 i „globalizacja niczego”

Sławomir Wieczorek

Chopin 2010 and the „Globalization of Nothing”

In 2010 the whole world celebrated enthusiastically the bicentenary of Fryderyk Chopin’s birth. The diversity of the events produced by a curious “cultural industry” invites reflection on the presence of the biography and work of this artist in the contemporary culture. The article is an attempt to look at some global phenomena connected with the influence exerted by Chopin’s music from the perspective of the theory of “the globalization of nothing” advanced by American sociologist — George Ritzer. This theory is one of the most often commented accounts of globalizing processes. In spite of Ritzer’s declaration as to the primacy of empiricism over axiology in his approach, I use his categories as tools for a critical analysis of the processes connected with the music of Chopin.

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