Antropolog(ia) wobec globalizującego się świata. Globalizacja — nowa nazwa dla starych stylów myślenia w antropologii kulturowej?

Katarzyna Majbroda

Anthropology in the Face of the Globalizing World. Globalization — A New Name for Old Ways of Thinking?

The aim of this paper is to show how anthropology addresses globalization and discusses the global and local dimensions of culture redefining at the same time the notion of fieldwork. I advance a thesis that anthropology as a liberal practice of commenting upon reality faces the problem of complex processes of migration along with social inequality, democracy in danger, ethnicity, identity, etc. In order to illuminate this issue I refer to the works of Arjun Appadurai, Ferdinand Braudel, Ulf Hanerz, Akhil Gupta and James Ferguson. The article closes with my contention that social science and its discourse are increasingly subject to anthropologization which creates a local imagery of science.

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