Światowe zbrojenia a kryzys bezpieczeństwa na przykładzie Azji Południowo-Wschodniej

Maciej Franz

The World’s Weapons and the Crisis in Safety on the Example of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is now the territory of special military and political significance. One of the consequences of China’s development is its growing role on the international arena. Additionally, in this exact region the influences of all the superpowers intermingle. The problem of safety in the region depends not only on the USA’s and Russia’s policies, nor is it a simple function of the growth of extremism and terrorism or the methods of countering it. The serious question is if the problem of the world’s safety is conditioned by the world arms race and to what extent. The author claims that the intensification of armament pursued by the world’s superpowers contributes to the status-quo in the matter of international safety, also in the territory of Southeast Asia. Keeping the equilibrium in the basin of the Pacific Ocean and, as thus warranting safety therein, is possible in so far as the program of armament is continued, mutually restraining the countries of the region from the attempt to forcefully impose their policies.

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