Dialektyka globalizacji. Od kryzysu społeczeństwa obywatelskiego do narodzin globalnego społeczeństwa obywatelskiego

Karol Haratyk

The Dialectic of Globalization: From the Crisis of Civil Society to The Birth of the Global Civil Society

The article begins with the outline of the state the modern civil societies found themselves in. The author then diagnoses their crisis and proposes the means of its treatment. Discussing the possible solutions, the paper moves from the conceptions of lesser radicalism focusing on the level of the national state (Robert D. Putnam), towards the theories of deeper complexity and globally oriented – both in the vein of right-wing thinking (Amitai Etzioni) and of left-wing approach to arranging the social order (Michael Hardt i Antonio Negri). The author also proposes a typology of theories of the global civil society in order to critique the dialectical scheme forming their fundaments. The theoretical examples have been selected not with regard to their explanatory merit, but with regard to their intellectual breadth and clarity of the scheme, which is referred to as the dialectic of the globalization of civil society.

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