Buddyzm i tybetańskie cuda na rynku dóbr kultury

Magdalena Zamorska

Buddhism and Tibetan Miracles in the Cultural Commodities Market

Buddhism as one of the world religions has fulfilled a culture-forming role in Asia for centuries. In the twentieth century it reached the West. In a post-traditional era Buddhism has been entangled in a relation between the massive, global, standardized and the local, the particular. Its doctrine is now read in accordance with the cognitive standards of new followers. The tradition that has come to be the most intensively imbued in the West is the Tibetan Buddhism. In Tibet the most important holiday is Monlam regarded also as the Tibetan carnival. The celebration refers to the so-called Great Miracle – the time when Buddha defeated the heretics in a „miracle fight”. In my paper I observe the extent to which the western individual needs to reinterpret certain notions in order to consume exotic cultural meanings.

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