Ikoniczność we współczesnym, zglobalizowanym świecie – formą komunikacji czy manipulacji?

Aleksandra Lato

Iconicity in the contemporary globalized world: A form of communication or manipulation?

One can observe today a phenomenon of domination of images in culture in a global sense. In no other society in the history of mankind has there been such a multiplicity of visual-iconic communications. The contemporary iconosphere is filled with images presented by the mass media: by newspapers, TV, Internet. Iconicity manifests itself in the form of photo-reports, ads, Internet portals, multimedia games, TV news and entertainment programs and films. The iconographic culture is omnipresent. The question arises: how is it perceived? Do the creators of contemporary iconosphere communicate to us their messages respecting our autonomy and the right to a free choice? Or, do they manipulate us in order to accomplish their own goals? In the present article I attempt to examine more closely the phenomenon of communication and manipulation in mass culture.

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