Wrocławscy wykluczeni — próby reakcji na bezdomność

Magdalena Zaręba

The Outcast of Wroclaw — Attempting a Reaction to Homelessness

The article is to draw attention to the problem of exclusion of homeless people. It is an attempt to bring closer portion of their reality. The author cites and describes the figure of the contemporary excluded in the cultural context and attempts to understand the condition of the homeless person on the basis of interviews and participant observation. Article contains excerpts from interviews and research conducted among people with whom he works with as a street worker. Proposed are reactions to the problem of exclusion of people experiencing homelessness – an attempt to show a different reality and silhouettes of people, empathic ‘being among’ as the possible attitude of the researcher. The initiative highlighted by the author is ‘MiserArt Wroclaw, creative zone in the labyrinth of exclusion’, that is a studio/gallery/workshop edited for the homeless, which is characterized by complementarity of actions.

Key words: homelessness, MiserArt, upcycling, streetworking

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