Czarownice z Burkina Faso

Magda Podsiadły


In Burkina Faso people’s belief in witchcraft is still the reason for the persecution of innocent women, recognized as “soul devouresses.” According to the collective imagination this is someone who, with the help of supernatural powers, takes another person’s life. That superstition leads to exclusion from the communities, especially rural ones, of older women, single or weaker ones, and often condemning them to a cruel death in the collective mob punishment actions. The state, along with NGOs and the church is trying to find a solution to this dangerous problem of widespread social and economic consequences, characteristic of several large ethnic groups in the country.

Key words: tradition of West Africa, sorcerers, witches, soul Eaters, sorcery, African traditional society, accusation of witchcraft, Burkina Faso

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