Brudne, winne i złe. Mechanizmy wykluczania kobiet poprzez pornografię

Katarzyna Jewtuch

The Dirty, the Guilty and the Bad. Mechanisms of Excluding Women Through Pornography

The porn industry is considered as one of the most objectifying and exploiting women machines to makeing money. Regardless of postulates to redefinition pornography, her feminist interpretation or attempts to make the porn industry closer to the women needs – in the media there are still stories of women who participated in porn films and that had a negative impact on their personal lives. Actress, director, researcher, and even unknowingly filmed while having sex girls are victims of exclusion and discrimination. Presenting the stories of women related to pornography, I make an attempt to reconstruct the mechanisms of oppression, they have suffered, and how to deal with them. In his article, I will pretend to answer the question: whether and to what extent the output of the compounds of pornography is possible.

Key words: Pornography, outcast, feminism, popculture

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