Wymiary globalizacji — internacjonalizacja szkolnictwa wyższego w perspektywie teoretycznej stosunków międzynarodowych

Anna Umińska-Woroniecka

Dimensions of Globalization — the Internationalization of Higher Education in the Perspective of International Relations Theory

The main aim of the paper is to analyse the process of internationalization within a theoretical framework of international relations. The analysis is focused on the concept of public diplomacy and paradigms of constructivism, taking into account their differing approach to the role of non-material factors. Public diplomacy as an instrument of soft power can be used by states to shape their positive image abroad. The flow of knowledge and students can be another key factor affecting that image. In the constructivist view, the reality is shaped by the outcomes of debates on ideas and value. Constructivists emphasize the role knowledge plays in creating the social reality. Including public diplomacy and paradigms of constructivism into the analysis makes it possible to determine elements shared by both these concepts and the process of internationalisation.

Keywords: internationalization, higher education, international relations theory

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