Slow food, smalec babuni i co dalej…?

Małgorzata Staszczak-Ciałowicz

Slow Food, ‘Home-Made Lard’: Where Do We Go from Here?

Trends in culture in the era of post-globalization are seeing a greater interest in that which is part of people’s own traditions, in that which is an expression of individualism, and a return to a more human way of living. Part of this trend is the contemporary dining event scene, which not only means participants eat gathered together at one shared table, but also brings together culturally diverse sets of codes and boundaries, which are open to integration, yet go beyond what is familiar. “Dinner clubs” such as eataway and mini-restaurants that open up spontaneously, a trend that is native to Finland, are an example of the influence that food has on the emergence of a new type of community bringing people together.

Keywords: dinner clubs, pop-up restaurants, dining events, anti-consumerism

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