Nowe media i doświadczenie miasta — wirtualny i „przenośny” Wrocław

Magdalena Szewerniak

New Media and the Experience of the City: The Virtual and “Portable” Wrocław

This article aims to reconstruct the experience of mobile devices and applications. The subject of analysis are the ways of the “existence” of Wroclaw in its digital (mobile) forms. Because of these forms changes in the city are becoming more virtual than real. The use of mobile applications (tourist guides, games about Wroclaw, event databases, augmented reality) is not limited to their utilitarian function, but above all generate different and more individualized forms of experiencing the city. Important, from the point of view of the specifics of the programs, is the ability to influence the surrounding space — to make changes, modify routes, renaming the city not as a tourist or a native, but above all as a user of global space of flows.

Keywords: Wroclaw, virtuality, mobile applications

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