Miejskie technokultury: Detroit, Berlin, Wrocław

Barbara Kwaśny, Mateusz Kazula

The Urban Sites of Technoculture: Detroit, Berlin, Wrocław

The article attempts to analyze the relations between the development of clubbing scenes and social, economic, and political processes occurring in modern cities. Techno music constitutes an important element of urban culture today which is also reflected in the growing number of clubs that are relevant for postindustrial urban economies. Detroit, Berlin, and Wrocław realize in various ways the paradigm of a creative city, local clubbing scenes being quite specific yet manifesting some general, global tendencies of the modern (pop)culture, such as the cancelling of the division into sender and recipient, or creating vs re-creating. For this reason, while describing urban techno-culture we do not restrict ourselves to using the notion of subculture and wish to substitute it with the concepts of the scene and the youth culture.

Keywords: techno, clubbing scene, creative city, postindustrial city, Wrocław, Berlin, Detroit, gentryfication, culture industries kulturowy, urban culture, technoculture

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