Między leisure a play

Małgorzata Orłowska

Between leisure and play

Processuality of social phenomena is inevitable. However, a fundamental cultural code is carried through the centuries. It is subject to some changes, of course, but in its fundamental assumptions it remains essentially the same. The author analyses the phenomenon of change on the example of free time. Social phenomenon that accompanies man since forever. This leads to the conclusion that over time (from the ancient Greeks to the present day) fundamental pattern has not changed. Changed social and economic relations. Privileges of social elites remained the same. Most clearly this can be seen in free time. Its two categories: leisure and play are assigned to the two categories of members of the society. The sad consequence of temporal changes is the drastic reduction group of people who are able to access a higher category of free time – leisure. However, in free time there is also hope. The reference to the idea of voluntary (unpaid work) brings the idea of returning to the praxis precondition for the existence of leisure.

Keywords: free time, leisure, play, work, labour, precaraiat

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