Kluby filmowe w przedwojennym Wrocławiu

Andrzej Dębski

Film Clubs in Pre-War Wroclaw

The article narrates the stories behind film clubs that existed in Wrocław between 1931-1933. They were formed around an organization called Breslauer Volksbühne that was dissolved after the Nazis seized power. The organization’s aim was to make available the art of the theatre to mass audiences, and in the course of time it widened its offer also to films. Volksbuhne carried out film education showing its members the movies unknown to Wrocław’s audience. What they had in common was high artistic value, avangarde ambience and addressing important questions of the time. The repertoire of these film clubs was here reconstructed after the journal „Kunst und Volk”, published by Breslauer Volksbühne in 1924-1933.

Keywords: Wrocław, film, cinema, film clubs, avangarde, Breslauer Volksbühne

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