Trwałość techniki w kontekście globalizacji

Kamil Szymański

Persistence of Technology in the Context of Globalization

In my essay I try to prove, that phenomenon of technique is most lasting part of globalization in general. Even, when cultural crisis divide civilization and stops globalization process, technological progress is undisturbed. The main reason, why technology will be global (specially military technology), is because its forced from outside. Civilizations must have a similar level of development in military technology, so in case of a conflict they will be able to defend themselves. Also, modern trends in transhumanist technology proof, that technology has big opportunity to globalize by occur whole new species: “posthuman”. Globalization, even in times of many cultural conflicts probably will survive in the form of technical globalization, connecting in some way all cultures and civilizations.

Keywords: technology, globalization, Huntington, Toffler, conflict, transhumanism, More, Bostrom

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