Sytuacja i perspektywy języka planetarnego (globalnego) w kontekście globalizacji

Joanna Kapica-Curzytek

Situation and prospects of the planetary (global) language in the context of globalization

The aim of the article is to describe the phenomenon of the global (planetary) language, the role of which the English language plays nowadays. It has high social status (prestige) and it is an important element of the language policy in many countries. The author points out that its situation is both the result and the factor of the process of globalization – especially in the cultural, economic and political dimension. The author attempts to describe the future of the English language as a language of global communication and planetary awareness and to make conclusions whether the domination of English is not in danger, or whether the other languages might take over its position.

Keywords: globalization, global (planetary) language, new communication technologies, language policy, global awareness

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