Postawy wobec ról rodzaju w planie kwestionariuszowych badań międzykulturowych

Agnieszka Kuna-Broniowska

Attitudes toward gender roles in the context of intercultural research

The traditional distribution of roles, rights, duties between men and women is often seen as opposed to an orientation called egalitarian. Although this distinction is intuitively comprehensible, it is difficult to assume that the traditional and egalitarian orientations are just a unidimensional continuum, along which societies evolve, because neither “tradition” nor “equality” is clearly definable, particularly in the context of intercultural research. Usually there is more than one traditional and egalitarian orientation in the society. The article contains a proposal of approach to a research of orientation towards gender roles — particularly taking into consideration intercultural research — which consists of a specifically elaborated questionnaire that contains “mirror” items measuring traditional and egalitarian orientation. The analysis of the discrepancies between its answers allows to minimize the risk of social desirability bias and to compare the processes of changes of opinions in societies.

Keywords: gender roles, traditional and egalitarian orientation.

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