Oddziaływanie polityki handlu zagranicznego w kształtowaniu współczesnych procesów globalizacyjnych na przykładzie wybranych gospodarek z wczesnym take-off

Janusz Myszczyszyn

The Influence of Foreign Commerce Policy in the Constitution of Contemporary Globalization Processes: The Example of Selected Economies with Early Take-Off

This paper discusses globalization processes in the context of economic transformations of the nineteenth century. I assess the influence that the changes taking place in foreign commerce policy in connection with the technological changes introduced by economic superpowers had had on the direction, extent and persistence of globalization processes. I utilize examples of selected countries, including GB, Germany, France and the US. I then present typical features of particular waves of globalization processes, pointing out at the potential dangers that economic integration presently faces. The article is a continuation of my work: The Development of Transportation and International Exchange and the First Wave of Globalization.

Keywords: globalization, liberalization of commerce, deglobalization, open economy

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