Zdrada i kontestacja. Pisarki niemieckie pochodzenia tureckiego wobec „społeczeństwa równoległego”

Krzysztof Okoński

Betrayal and Protest. German-Turkish Female Writers on the “Parallel Society”

The year 1990 marked the beginning of closing the opposition period in the East German literature. The censorship was abolished; emigrants and literary dissidents started living in a united country. Its past was still crucial for their output. Since late 1990s a new generation of non-conformist writers has emerged on the German literary scene: they were of Turkish origin and focused on such issues as e.g., human rights. Despite incomparably better conditions for being present in the cultural life of a democratic country, their attempts aimed at revealing the problems of a multicultural society are disapproved of by their compatriots.

Keywords: German literature, multicultural society

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