W poszukiwaniu autentyzmu doświadczeń turysty. Rola konsumpcji kolaboratywnej w kreowaniu autentycznych doświadczeń na rynku turystycznym. Zarys problematyki

Ewa Markiewicz

In Search of Authentic Tourist Experience. The Role of Collaborative Lifestyles in Creating Authentic Experience on the Tourist Market. An Outline of the Problem

Searching for authenticity is the result of human’s feeling lost in the modern world. Because of this, processes such as industrialization, urbanization, mobility, secularization and individualization are creating in human sense of social alienation (MacCannell 2002, 19). Lack of affiliation and security cause that human feels disoriented. At all costs man is looking for the truth, naturalness and authenticity. It has influence on his decisions connected with purchasing touristic product. Collaborative lifestyles makes staying in the tourist resort as a meeting with the hosts. The essence of experience for the consumer, may be related with experience from this meeting. The tourist has the opportunity to participate actively in the life of the local community. He meets authentic, local places, objects, people, customs, “is involved into the rhythm of local life” – simply becomes the part of visited place. This article attempts to define the role of collaborative lifestyles in the search of tourist experiences.

Keywords: authenticity, tourist experience, collaborative lifestyles, community tourism

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