Rola historycznej i współczesnej zieleni publicznej w życiu miast na przykładzie Bydgoszczy

Daria Bręczewska-Kulesza

The Historical and Modern Role of Public Green Areas in the Life of the City: Bydgoszcz as an Example

City folk has for ages demonstrated an urge to surround itself with nature. The public green areas, however, have only begun to be developed along with the rapid modernization and industrialization of the cities. The worsening life conditions in overcrowded nineteenth- century towns triggered the creation of green places and the popularization of open air entertainment. How are these spaces used today? Do we have an equal access to green areas? Is the recent depopulation of the centers somehow connected with the lack of the green? Are these the phenomena to be observed everywhere in the civilized world? The article attempts to answer these questions.

Keywords: Bydgoszcz, revitalization of green areas

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