Współczesna nostalgia w obliczu globalizacji

Aleksandra Różycka

Contemporary nostalgia and the globalization

The paper aims to examine ways in which globalization affects contemporary nostalgia. Various types of nostalgia are described, most notably Arjun Appadurai’s armchair nostalgia and Renato Rosaldo’s imperialistic nostalgia. Seemingly innocent, nostalgia can be controversial, also when it relates to intercultural relations. It can be treated as an excuse for shameful past, as well as a commodity. Because of the imaginary nature of its object, nostalgia can relatively easily spread across different cultures. As a result, local nostalgias exist next to global, or rather — using Wolfgang Welsch’s notion — transcultural ones. Globalization is also one of the major factors responsible for the emergence of various contemporary nostalgias, many of which stem from longing for the pre-globalized past, regardless of the fact whether such a past ever existed.

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