Subnatura i miasto. Przyroda poza kontrolą

Rafał Nahirny

Subnature and the City: Nature out of Control

Industrialization, conceived of as one of the key processes constituting the phenomenon of globalization, is characterized when viewed from the perspective of urban space as a consistent gaining control over nature. The paper discusses the nature that slips away from human control, the one which by urbanists is perceived as a threat for the order of the urban space. To demonstrate this, I use David Gissen’s conception of subnature. Dirt, sand, insects, worms, mud, and puddles or animal feces are forms of nature existing within the urban space which detest us and make us look away. Paradoxically, they appear largely as an effect of industrialization. The connections between the world of man and nature traced by Gissen, are being inscribed into a wider context of posthumanist philosophy.

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