Miejsce i rola obszarów Gaeltacht w procesach globalnych

Bożena Gierek

The place and role of the Gaeltacht in global processes

Traditional Gaeltacht, situated on the western edges of Ireland, are associated not only with the specific nature, but first of all with the Irish language, which is impressed by the nature, as well as the way of life of the language’s users. The confinement of the language to those areas was certainly caused by the colonizers and concurrent political-social-economic factors. The difficult situation of the language seems to be worsening as the result of global processes. Can we say the same about the nature? In this article there have been shown reciprocal influences of the city and the nature in Ireland in a prism of the Irish language (hence this distinction of Gaeltacht in relationship: Gaeltacht Irish language nature city globalisation) in the context of global processes, considering historical perspective.

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