Tradycyjne źródła utrzymania ludów autochtonicznych wobec ekspansji współczesnej gospodarki na przykładzie sytuacji małych ludów rdzennych w Federacji Rosyjskiej

Grzegorz Bonusiak

The Traditional Resources of Subsistence of Autochthonous Peoples in the Wake of the Expansion of the Modern Economy on the Example of Small Indigenous Peoples of the Russian federation

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the situation of the indigenous peoples in clash with the needs of a developing world economy on the example of the small peoples of the North, Siberia, and the Far East in the Russian Federation. Attention is drawn to the right to utilize the land as the element crucial for the cultivation of the traditional style of living. Despite the existence of legal regulations, two types of problems were indicated. Firstly, the taking over of the hunting areas and cutting away of the whole groups of the traditional areas by the corporations that compete with the indigenous peoples for the access to resources. Secondly, the devastation and taking over of the autochtonic areas by the developing industry of fuels mining. These elements, put together with a contradictory legal system and the passivity of the state administrationand local government, have allowed for the impingement of the rights of the indigenous peoples in the Russian Federation.

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