Danza de los concheros — przejaw synkretyzmu we współczesnym Meksyku

Magdalena H. Rusek

“Danza de los concheros” as a Manifestation of Syncretism in Mexico

Danza de los concheros is part of a group of dance-drama, illustrating the adaptation of the indigenous population of Mexico to catholicism and to European culture imposed by the invaders. Since the time of the Aztecs, Tenochtitlan was the center of culture and music for the local population. Music performed the functions of social character, the celebrated rituals closely associated with the dance, and the image has been complemented by the emergence of Spanish sacred and secular songs, which were given its own unique character by the indigenous people of Mexico. Religious syncretism of the danza de los concheros is manifested by a combination of elements drawn from two powerful cults and cultures: the traditional pre-Columbian beliefs and the influences stemming from the Spanish Golden Age.

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