Transgresja i dyfuzja — czyli o tym dlaczego nauki społeczne i humanistyczne sięgają do terminologii nauk przyrodniczych

Monika Banaś

Transgression and Diffusion: Or Why Do Humanities Reach for the Terminologies of the Natural Sciences

The article is an attempt at an identification of the causes of terminological migrations observable in the humanities and social sciences. Using the examples of such terms as diffusion and transgression the author presents a phenomenon of borrowing of scientific elements by the representatives of the social sciences (Foucault, Derrida, Kristeva, Zizek). The argumentation refers additionally to Karl Popper’s conception of the three words and his theory of gaining and verifying knowledge. The causes and outcomes of terminological migrations remain equivocal, however they invite reflection upon the actual autonomy of scientific disciplines: their self-sufficiency, understood as an ability to construe their own, germane, non-borrowed notions. This capacity seems quite weakened.

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