„Teorie spiskowe” jako fenomen globalny: analiza krytyczna i meta krytyczna

Lech Zdybel

„Conspiracy Theories” As a Global Phenomenon: A Critical and Meta-Critical Analysis

The present article is an appeal addressed to Polish scholars in different disciplines to examine conspiracy theories as a grave problem to be researched. The author argues that Polish scholarship in the matter is dominated by research conducted in the vein of the now archaic, R. Hofstadter’s paradigm of “political paranoia” and “the paranoid style”. It is further argued that conspiracy theories are amazingly complex cultural phenomenathat calls not only for an interdisciplinary view, but rather for multi-aspect and multidisciplinary approach. In overcoming of hackneyed schemes of interpretation the significant role is to be played by philosophical investigations (epistemological, philosophical and political, ethical, logical, methodological and cognitivistic).

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