Ludzie z kamerami. Dennis O’Rourke w poszukiwaniu ostatnich kanibali

Rafał Nahirny

People with Cameras. Dennis O’Rourke in Search of the Last Cannibals

Cannibal Tours (1988) is a documentary by Dennis O’Rourke presenting the course of one of the numerous exotic trips to Papua New Guinea. The director focuses on an encounter of the participants of the excursion with the inhabitants of the villages. O’Rourke reconstructs the touristic rituals and the spectacle of humiliation into which the sightseeing tour turns. The article discusses the ways the tourists and the natives were presented and describes the strategy used by the director to destabilize the white gaze. The author is also interested in the language of the documentary, including the editing, filmography and the manner of framing.

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