Globalizacja w muzyce afrobrazylijskiej a tożsamości diaspory afrykańskiej w Brazylii

Renata Chunderbalsingh

Globalization in Afro-Brazilian Music and the Identities of African Diaspora in Brazil

Due to the processes of globalization and cultural decolonization, the music from the remote and ‘exotic’ places (from the Western point of view) has been widely included into the global music industry as a product called ‘world music’. The source of inspiration for the presented paper is Afro-Brazilian music, considered as heritage cultivated within the African diaspora in Brazil. Thearticle attempts to examine how and in what way music has been transformed in by globalization conceived of as the processof commodification, hybridization, and mediatization; it also aims to establish the connection between musical choices and ethnic identity. I want to argue that, on the one hand, the expansion of world music exemplifies the deterritorialization of cultures in general and emphasizes how the rise of a certain cultural commodity is primarily a global commercial phenomenon. On the other hand, for ethnic minorities and local musicians world music is an expressive project allowing them to perform on a ‘global’ stage, which in turn is linked to cultural self-discovery and the question of whether hybridized and mixed musical genres can still represent a particular ethnic group.

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