Edukacja na rzecz globalnego obywatelstwa: historia idei i wybrane współczesne problemy

Katarzyna Jasikowska

Education for Global Citizenship: The History of Ideas and Some Problems of Today

The aim of this paper is to present the essential moments in the history of global education which have led to the emergence of the modern version of an activist “education for global citizenship” and to discuss problems such as: the way the very word “global”, the way of interpreting of global reality that surrounds us, and the question of the relation between human rights and European universalism with their influence on the curricula of global education in Europe. What unites the modern curricula of education for global citizenship is its hyper-reflexivity, allowing both educators and the learners to acknowledge the existing ontological and epistemological assumptions concerning our viewing of the world (Polish, European, Western, etc.) and the activities that result from them.

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