„Akt mowy” i „język bezpieczeństwa” a konstruowanie globalnych zagrożeń (dyskursywne podejście do bezpieczeństwa)

Łukasz Fijałkowski

The „Speech Act” and The „Language of Security” vs The Construction of Global Dangers. A Discursive Approach to Security

The aim of this paper is to outline the discursive character of the theory of securization which furnishes the tools for researching the process of forming the dangers and security agencies. The theory of securization affirms that the notion of security has an intersubjective character, and the issues conceived as included in this problematic are shaped in the process of an interaction between the so-called securizing actor and the recipient. In the center of this process lies the speech act through which a given issue is moved from the area of standard politics into the sphere of extraordinary politics, that is to say, into the area of security. Accordingly, the securizing actor, utilizing the proper “language of security” constructs security issues such as problems and phenomena of global character, eg. war on terror and drugs, migrations, diseases.

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