„Rusinizm” jako idea czwartego narodu wschodniosłowiańskiego a jego lokalny wymiar na ukraińskim Zakarpaciu i słowackiej Preszowszczyźnie

Magdalena Lachowicz

“The Ruthenian” as an idea of the fourth Eastern-Slavonic nation and its local dimension in Carpatho-Ukraine and Slovakian Preshovshchyna

The goal of my article is to represent the Carpathian-Ruthenian movement in Carpatian Ruthenia (Carpatho-Ukraine) and Slovakian Preshovshchyna in its contemporaty local dimension. The idea of the fourth Eastern-Slavonic nation, created from the turn of the 19th and 20th c., was to integrate, at the global level, all the representatives of the group regardless of their place of living. Today, it belongs to the trend of the renessaince of locality, the search for roots or an evolution of the institutional forms of socialization in Eastern-Central Europe after 1991. In each of the regions I analyze, in the situation of multi-dimensional borderland the process of differentiation of the Ruthenian group gains a unique and exclusive character.

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