Historia pewnego Traktatu, czyli o tym, jak ludzie ukochali ziemię i co z tego wynikło

Anna Krotofil

Story of the Treaty. How people have loved land and what have come from this

The following article concerns the story of The Treaty of Waitangi, the New Zealand foundation document. The document from the very beginning till now has been carefully analyzed and interpreted. The author of the work undertook attempts to translate the text of the document into Polish, to describe its provisions and finally, to introduce historical and contemporary consequence of The Treaty of Waitangi to Polish readers. In order to illustrate controversy that aroused around The Treaty, the article describes briefly Maori culture, explaining especially Maori’s attitude towards their land as well as the history of relationship between the autochthonous inhabitants of New Zealand and white incomers. This issue needs to be viewed at through the prism of global politics of British Imperium because actions taken by colonialists towards the Maori people disclosed imperial politics scheme.

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