Prezentacje PowerPoint. O kulturowej naturze technologii

Karolina J. Dudek

PowerPoint presentations. On cultural dimensions of technology

PowerPoint presentations (PPT) are one of the most common communication tools for organizations. Being increasingly popular, this global technology has led to the development of new social and cultural practices, and it also has revolutionised business communication. However, still not enough attention is being paid to this technology and its role in the processes of creation and transmission of knowledge. Referring to her own research findings, the author describes the process of popularization of certain conventions in terms of translation. She focuses on the issues of learning and claims that PowerPoint is not just a technology but also a genre of communication. She also discusses the role of PPT in management and organizational practice and explains why PPTs can be perceived as boundary objects and stable as well as emergent artifacts. The Author concludes that powerpointing calls for further research.

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