Modele interakcji kultur w kontekście globalnym. W poszukiwaniu paradygmatów poza studiami postkolonialnymi

Ewa Łukaszyk

Models of cultural interaction in the global context. In search of new paradigms beyond the post-colonial studies

The objective of this study is to reflect upon the limitations of the post-colonial paradigm and upon the possibilities of finding other theoretical approaches in order to analyze different situations of cultural interaction. The main aspects commented in this article are: receptivity of the dominant culture as condition of post-colonial “writing back”; bipolar character of both colonial and post-colonial relationships and the possibility of introducing a “third element”; the importance of “cultural attractiveness” and “seduction” besides symbolic violence. The main target is to redirect the typical post-colonial pattern of reflection toward the analysis of cases leading to complete cultural emancipation, for which I propose a new term of “trans-colonial”. The research is based on examples taken from Polish, Russian, Brazilian and Portuguese relations, as well as ex-Portuguese African colonies (Cape Verde Islands, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe Islands, Angola) and Malaysia.

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