Lokalne przywracanie (do) Rzeczywistości wobec globalnej atrofii Obecności. Filmowe próby zapisu Bycia autentycznego

Joanna Sarbiewska

Bringing back (to) Reality locally versus the global atrophy of Presence. Attempting to record authentic being in film

The Baudrillardean recognition of the status of the world as global simulation in which the traditional distinction between the true and false, the real and fictional, disappears, remains the constitutive element of contemporary cultural consciousness. Technological and media virtualization is linked with the disappearance of exprience and the enthropy of sense, corresponding to the Heideggerian das Man occluding the authentic Being. In my text I will focus on the film attempts to restore the experience of that which exists really — the “local” makes here a space saturated with living presence, from which the clearing of Mystery emanates.

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