Przestrzeń jako składnik tożsamości w świecie globalizacji

Tomasz Burdzik

Space as a Component of Identity in the World of Globalization

The paper is an attempt to illuminate the signification of space as one of the driving forces of social identity in the transition from traditional society to contemporary model of perception of territory. The paper’s aim is to provide an overview of the influence territory has on the construction of social identity. Social space symbolizes both the rootedness of the nation (or region) in the tradition and ethnic identity and the intrinsic link between these traditions and the risk of modernity construed as progressing globalization. The significance of self-identity, which constitutes the main influence on landscape, however, also reveals the tension between modernization and the preservation of culture and territory and the need for new models of development. The debates over the landscape’s identity thus reveal the contradictions in the party’s construction of a national identity based on modernity rooted in tradition.

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