O różnych globalnościach

Adam Nobis

On Different Globalities

The aim of my article is to analyze the notions, methods and conceptions used in the studies in globalization, and also to explicate the very globality of phenomena such as: modern global markets (financial, commercial, production). I examine an hypothesis that the silver market that arose in the sixteenth century was of global, not local character. Likewise, one can look globally at cyberspace, modern metropolies and local sites, such as eg. Rialto Bridge in Venice. My argument leads to a conclusion that the globality of particular phenomena is of different character and can be studied with the use of different categories, methods and conceptions. Despite the differences, the globalities can be said to influence each other. Due to the lack of a general conception of globality, though, one cannot state for certain whether they constitute an integrated whole, or are just an interrelated set of completely disparate phenomena.

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