„Laboratorium historyka”: Historyk i wpływy nowoczesnego społeczeństwa

Ałła Kyrydon, Serhiy Troyan

“Historian’s laboratory”: Historian and reputation of a modern society

Globalism changing cognitive attitudes of historians. For the modern history of becoming an important new technology — internet, mobile telephony, digital media, which very quickly change our reality. So the question arises as to follow. These media, information and communications create a certain attitude that you are watching historians. The rhythm of history has accelerated so much that the norms and customs, which he taught his father, the sons are not useful in everyday life. Prof. dr. hab. Krzysztof Zamorski a detailed novel about modern influences on warstat or laboratory historian: “We live in the myth of the century … Modern man does not need to use the old dimensions of time and you can toss him a little more ways to measure the events of the past”.

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