Osiemnastowieczne podróże jako element kształtowania kosmopolitycznej kultury

Małgorzata Ewa Kowalczyk

The eighteenth century traveling as a way of shaping of cosmopolitical culture 

In the eighteenth century traveling came to be a common phenomenon in European culture. Being an important component of social and political activities, it co-produced the worldview and mentality of Europeans. The contact with a new world triggered many changes in mentality. People were getting more familiar with space wider than the borders of the parish, the city, or their own country. Trips significantly extended knowledge and horizons. They resulted in an improved knowledge of politics, economy, geography, history, habits and languages of other countries. Travels led to a broadening of mutual communication between people, to an exchange of cultural forms and ideas. They thus constituted a relevant link in shaping of cosmopolitical culture which in the eighteenth century more and more united people of different countries.

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