Edukacja wobec kultury globalnej (media i kultura popularna jako wyzwanie edukacyjne)

Witold Jakubowski

Education In The Face of Global Culture: The Media and Popular Culture as an Educational Challenge 

The changes that have taken place in the world since the 1950’s of the last century force us to reflect upon the tasks of education. Zbyszko Melosik notes that the identity of modern man/woman is shaped within global culture. Once national-cultural identities were dominant; they were formed historically and they resulted from the feeling of continuation of the other generations’ experiences. Global culture does not refer to an historical identity of any kind. It is as if ‘artificial’, suspended in a vacuum, formed out of myriads of existing folkloristic and national identities. Modern media have a particular role in the process of generation of global culture. It is thanks to them, above all, that the present world has “shrunk”. Another factor which influences the construction of the modern man/woman’s identity is global culture. Now, a few questions arise: to what extent media and the popular culture adjacent to them uniformize us? Is it really so that we are becoming all “the same”? Or maybe popular culture does generate differences? What educational policies ought to be implemented given that that is the case? The article is an attempt at an optimistic appropriation of educational potential lying in media and popular culture.

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